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Hey Guys! Sorry its been awhile since the post. Life has been hectic!

Guys- we did something crazy! (Matches both of us ha! (Kidding, kinda))

In October we tied the knot at my most favorite place, Destin/FWB area with our family and friends surrounding us. It was literally the happiest day of. my. life. ❤ #twolessfishinthesea

Here's link for my gorgeous arch flowers from Amazon!

You will realize how much I am becoming an internet shopper. 🤦‍♀️

Kids are great, we're great, and with new beginning's in life, we decided to add new things to our shop!


First things First-

Chris is such a foodie! He belongs to the group and tells me about how many people likes his post and wants his recipes he just basically throws together. Mind you, they're amazing😋 I love when he cooks and so does the kids. Supper time with everyone is a special time to decompress and talk about our day. Anything Chris says is good, Easton believes him and literally will try anything! It doesn't work that way for Mom-- hah!

We even try to make it a family affair! Noodles are our favorite to make!

I've been making noodles since I was barely in diapers with my dad! But my noodle maker took a crap so I ordered another from Amazon!

Sometimes, they are simple week day meals, others- look out! Something exploded in the kitchen! We are from Indiana and like food that people actually eat, not that just looks fancy. I like steak and potatoes, and Chris loves butter and bacon. 🧈 Hello Heart Attack coming! I try to substitute and go for the lower carb selection, so you will see some of that as well.

I am more of a Rae Drummond; where he is more of a Chef Ramsey-- but still perfect together! 💑


🏈Football is a huge thing in our house, so you'll definitely being seeing posts and products along with that. High School is our favorite, then a close second is the Great Team in the Land-- GO BUCKS! Easton experienced his first LIVE High School Football game and was commentating the whole time. It was so great, I surprised him and Chris with an early Christmas present of tickets to an OSU game!! ⭕🙌

Sadly, NFL is almost over and then time to start training for PeeWee Football. This will be Easton's 2nd year. He has really came out of his shell and has learned the love of Football even more. With Football comes FOOD as well! I'm sure we'll be showing recipes for Game Day Snacks as well.


While Chris is busy in the kitchen, I'm busy with my mind and ideas running a million miles a minute (literally!). We are starting to make Affordable Organic Lip Balm! Literally only 3 ingredients and last on your lips for hours! I put in on before bed and WOW it was still there the next morning! You will find out, we love all things fresh and organic. Handmade or homegrown is better than store bought any day. 🙌

My whole family has worked in the Construction business in one way or another, including me! 👷‍♀️

So of course, I have had request for stickers! Hard Hat Stickers to be exact. They will be posted within the week.


We are just regular people trying to live a regular life the most regularly we can :-)

Some things we have coming up that we will be sharing.

  • Bathroom Reno

  • Camper Reno

  • Fun Recipes




Kid Friendly

Dinner for Two

See you guys soon! ✌❤😊

Heather + Chris

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